Mahmood Group

Corporate Social Responsibility


At Mahmood Group, believe in efficient and strategic human resource management and we take pride in maintaining cordial relationships with our employees. We do not only consider the social needs of our employees but also provide an environment where they are able to participate in decision-making and regular brain storming sessions.

Social Accountability & Certification


Mahmood Group has been certified in the following international certifications: • Fair Trade • ISO • Supima • Lycra • Oeko-Tex • COM4 • Usterzation • Cotton USA • Confidence in Textiles • Sedex • Wrap • C-TPAT • Organic & GOTS  Certified by Control  Union • NFEH • OHSAS • GMP • WWF

Education & Health


Mahmood Group is actively contributing to the welfare of the society by constructing new schools and hospitals. We wish to improve the living standards of the common people and ensure that basic education and medical facilities are easily available to the needy families. • Running two schools independently with high quality free education. • Another three schools are being supported by us in collaboration with a local NGO.

Environmental Policy


At Mahmood Group, we take special precautionary measures to ensure that no environmentally unacceptable effluent is discharged into the environment. Our significant contribution to the environment is our wastewater management. We make sure that the drained-out water is free of contaminants and toxic materials. Solar energy is used as an efficient, renewable and eco-friendly alternative to other power systems

Social Welfare


Mahmood group is a socially responsible industry, prioritizing human and social values. A few measures taken by us include:

• Al-Masood welfare society to provide grants and interest free loans.

• Physical and moral support to workers and their families.

• Free of cost medicine along with health insurance.

• Financial and moral support to maintain peaceful environment.

• Free dispensary at every mill for worker and the people of neighboring areas.

• Scholarship to deserving talented students.