Mahmood Group

Best Cotton


'Farm to Fabric' is a unique concept initiated by the Mahmood group. It focuses not only on the growth of cotton in the farms but also ensures total quality management at every step till the fabric is made.

Mahmood Group owns 400 acres of land on which cotton, wheat and fruits are grown. We normally buy the second pick, which is longest staple and matured fiber. The choice of raw cotton leads to the finest and high quality fabric finish.




In the Ginning process, cotton is separated from its seeds.

Mahmood group owns the largest ginning factory network in Asia.

We are engaged in cotton ginning for more than sixty years. Within the radius of 300 km, each ginning mill is attached with spinning mills which results in producing 900 bales per day of homogenous cotton. By using our own ginned cotton, less contaminated yarn is produced.